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The Wash & Wax: Keeping Your Paint Job Pristine

Did you know that when you wash and wax your car properly, it would stay cleaner even through bad weather?

It may sound like a bit of a pain, but washing and waxing your car is well worth the work you put into it. In order for wax for stay on your car, you must wash it by hand. It doesn’t matter what kind of wax you use nor the type of cloth you use to apply it. What does matter is consistency. Washing and waxing just once will not yield the long-lasting results you will reap if you properly hand wash and wax every 4 to 5 weeks.

Go longer between washes. – A vehicle that has been properly cared for in this manner will get dirtier, slower. The smooth waxy finish provides less surface area primed for dirt to adhere to and eases liquids in finding their way off the vehicle.

Consistency protects your vehicle. – Having a built up layer of wax can stop minor scratches from damaging the car, as the brunt of that force then goes into the wax.

Lessen Sun Damage. – Here in California, the sun’s rays can be brutal on vehicles. Wax provides a great protection from damage and can delay discoloration and fight the conditions that cause your vehicle’s paint to peel.

Enhance Your Vehicle’s Beauty. – If you want to bring out a brilliant shine and depth on your vehicle, there is no better way than by establishing a dedicated hand wash and wax ritual.

Top tips for a good wash:

  • For the first three months of your new paint job you should hand wash your vehicle frequently with clean, cold water. During this period, using a car wash or a high-pressure washer is not
  • Always rinse before washing to remove all abrasive grit that can scratch the finish.
  • Water alone will often clean the car thoroughly. For heavy soil, a mild liquid soap (not detergent) is recommended.
  • Was your car in the shade, not the sun.
  • Rinse completely, then hand dry with a chamois or terry cloth.

Top tips for a good wax:

  • Apply your car wax out of direct sunlight and start with a completely dry vehicle. Leftover water droplets will cause the product to streak.
  • Read your product’s directions. Each product line has its own process, so be mindful of the process your chosen product recommends.
  • Thinner is better. Multiple thinner applications bond to the paint and cure better than one large layer.
  • Spread the wax evenly, covering one-quarter of the panel at a time before removing. This allows you to rub your thin layer of wax off before it starts to dry.
  • Apply and remove wax in straight lines. Swirling motions can be uneven and leave streaks in finished product.

One very important note: While hand washing your vehicle is just fine, you should wait at least 90 days after a vehicle has been painted to add wax to your ritual. Newly applied paint needs time to cure and if waxed too early, will not cure correctly if sealed.

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