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Road Trip Safety 101

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer and all the promise of summer road trips. Whether you’re heading out for a weekend or weeklong vacation, a few precautionary steps will ensure that those trips deliver on the fun.

  • Get your car a safety checkup.

Before you head out on the road, make an appointment with a trusted repair shop to have its health checked. Your mechanic can check your battery, hoses and filters, belts, fluids, tires, wiper blades, headlights and brake lights. You should also ask to make sure there aren’t any vehicle safety recalls on your vehicle and that your spare tire is in good shape and ready to be called into action if the need arises.

  • Plan your route to your vacation spot.

Ask yourself if you’ll drive straight through or if you want to make stops along the way. That decision will help you plot meals, gas, accommodations and adventure stops along your path. You can also choose the best routes from point A to point B. As you prepare for the trip, make sure you have maps at your fingertips. You can save an area from Google Maps or download an app, such as Maps.Me, to your electronic device to use in areas you may be unable to access the Internet. If you have a GPS system, be sure to take it with you.

  • Be sure to pack for safety and sustenance.

You should have a first aid kit and emergency car kit packed to handle basic health issues and vehicle breakdowns. Every prepared vacationer should tuck away things like bandaids, antibiotic ointment, pain relievers and an ice pack. The prepared traveler also has a tire iron, jumper cables and some backup fluids.

Also, don’t forget that a road trip isn’t complete without snacks. While most of us head out with a candy bar and large soda, you might want to think a bit more practically. Experts encourage travelers to pack two or three days worth of food and beverage per person. You should pack nutrient-dense foods like nuts, whole grain snacks, fruits and vegetables.

  • Get plenty of rest before you leave.

Tired drivers make mistakes. They have slower response time and their decision-making can be affected. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration notes about 100,000 crashes each year are caused because of drowsy driving.

  • Tell someone about your fabulous plans.

Take one last step before you turn out the lights, start your car and back out of your driveway. You should let someone know the routes you’ll be taking on your journey, when you plan to arrive at each planned destination and your return date.

Happy and safe travels from your Foothill Auto Body team!

For auto collision repair services you can trust, contact Foothill Auto Body.

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