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Brush Up On the Rules of the Road

Rancho Cucamonga youth are about to head back to school where they’ll soon be learning lessons and reviewing for tests.

High school students start Monday, Aug. 8th while elementary and middle school students begin Thursday, Aug. 11th.

Extra traffic, return of school buses to roadways and the possibility that children are walking and riding bikes to and from school means there’s a greater chance for children and vehicles to come into contact. For drivers, both young and old, it’s a good time to brush up on some of the lessons learned during Driver’s Ed to ensure the safety of both children returning to school and fellow drivers.

Watch your speed
While driving in marked school zones, drivers need to remember that the speed limit signs posted apply every day, all day. While many drivers assume the speed limit only applies during school hours, they forget that there are evening and weekend activities such as sports practices and games, theatre rehearsals and school dances.

Be alert around school buses
As school buses return to the roadways, remember that yellow flashing lights mean the driver is preparing to let children off the bus so you should slow down and give him or her a wide berth. When the red flashing lights come on and the stop sign extends, drivers are legally required to stop in either direction. Remain stopped until all children are safely across the road and the bus driver retrieves the stop sign, turns off the flashing red lights and begins to move forward again. The exception to this traffic rule, however, comes into play when the bus is stopped on the other side of a divided or multi-lane highway. In that case, drivers on the other side of the highway continue to drive at the posted speed without stopping.

Children are unpredictable
Drivers should also remember that kids are unpredictable. They often dart out into traffic without realizing how quickly a car will reach them and they may not use crosswalks

Inexperienced drivers
Finally, it is likely that many new drivers will share the road with you. Their inexperience means that experienced drivers need to be more vigilant.

Should an accident occur, know that you can count on us to help to provide auto collision repair that will get you back on the road as good as new.

Our Foothill Auto Body team wishes you all a great year!

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Foothill Auto Body
9777 Foothill Blvd.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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